Welcome to our hotel

There is a reason why many associate Italy with constant summer and bliss. The local climate is very generous with having sunny days. Because of this, the Italian Mediterranean coast is such a popular place for vacations.

And our family hotel offers the opportunity to fully enjoy your holidays here. Why is the mini-hotel your best choice? There are several reasons for this:
The mini-hotel does not disturb the local atmosphere of the natural surroundings. It It harmoniously fits into the landscape of the Italian coast with its sandy beaches, clear Mediterranean Sea, cliffs, small forests and hills.

The name family hotel does not come without reason. It truly fits perfectly for a small a company of people, vacation with children and a romantic couple trip for newly married couples. The conditions for these types of vacations are all met, ranging from the correct arrangement of rooms that would result in guests not interfering with each other, the small general space and correct decoration of the rooms.

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The prices for the rooms in mini-hotels are not too high, but the quality of the service is more than excellent. The reason for this opportunity is due to the smaller work-force of people that is needed to take care of the hotel because of its small size.

But of course, the reason for which family mini-hotels are loved is because of the personal approach. Coming here truly feels like a visit to some distant relatives. You feel sincerity and a true desire to make your trip amazing coming from each member of the staff.

About us

Our hotel is not big but comes with a long-standing history. The name family also comes from the one sole family that has owned the hotel for the past three generations. Each new owner who took over the hotel is a direct descendant from his parents, with a wish to improve the hotel by adding something new and modern, but not forgetting about the old and valuable, since it is the reason by people come here for its comfort and atmosphere.
Our hotel is located on the outskirts of a small commune, a cozy town that stretches along the seashore. Strolling through the local streets allows you to get lost and forget in what century you are. Walkways paved in stone, tall homes which are colored in bright colors and the flowers that are grow on the small window sills. Even though the hotel is usually visited quiet and secluded holiday, there are several places in the city ranging from a night club and a number of themed bars.